Darim SR2000 Sport Replay SD (Slow-Mo)

Sport Replay SD (Slow-Mo)
Instantly Replays Goals and Penalties in Slow-Motion from Multiple Angles – while Recording
Server realuari SR2000
Minimal delay between event and replay: 2 seconds
Insertion of static or dynamic titles and Intro / Bridge video segments
Preset slow motion playback control by on-screen slider or T-bar
Preparation of new playback segment while simultaneously recording / playing the current clip
Supports Touch screen or external Slow Mo controller for fast and intuitive operation
Instant switching between cameras and precise frame-by-frame position adjustment
Fast RAID0 /RAID10 storage and RAM cache gives users instant access to captured video
SDI I/O, Genlock, GPI I/O, and storage expansion are available on select models
Additional monitors and MRC switcher are used in most of the studio configurations