Darim FS1000


Serverul video Darim FS1000 este, la un pret exceptional, si intr-o constructie robusta, un server care poate face atat playout-ul postului TV (emisiuni, promo, publicitate etc), cat si grafica, avand si o functie de generator de caractere (logo, ceas, crawl-uri cu informatie usor actualizabila, burtiere etc).

De asemenea el are si o functie de mixer video, putand selecta pana la 6 intrari. Se poate face astfel foarte usor comutarea dintre semnalul de la satelit de exemplu si cel din studio sau se pot realiza emisiuni in direct unde se poate trece de pe o camera pe alta si, atunci cand e nevoie, insera materiale din server.

FS1000 are posibilitatea de a fi configurat cu pana la 4 canale, pentru ingest si/sau playout. Una din aplicatiile posibile pentru o astfel de configuratie este de a avea, pentru o emisiune de stiri de exemplu, 2 imagini picture-in-picture pe un fundal grafic.

Optiunile de conectare ale serverului sunt pe composite, S-Video, component sau SDI.

Server video cu generator de caractere

Server video cu generator de caractere

The FS1000 Series is a deluxe server and software unit that can handle everything from titling and editing to scheduling, playout, and constant recording from two sources – simultaneously. Ideal for small TV stations, it eliminates the need for costly videotapes and wasted man hours while still broadcasting 24 hours a day. Imagine capturing footage from two sources, titling and editing another, broadcasting, and scheduling the upcoming week’s programming-all at the same time!

  • Scalable: Choose the all-in-one package or streamline to fit your needs
  • Multi-tasks: Switches, mixes, schedules. edits, captures, and plays at the same time
  • Reliable: Uses natively-supported hardware – unlike competitors’ products, no crashes

The FS1000 is an evolutionary digital sy stem which truly integrates everything for operation in broadcast studios eliminating all the legacy peripherals and video tapes. TheĀ Darim FS1000 system posesses all functions and features of the FD1000 system and comprises OnAir software for convenient playout.


FS1000 can be used with an internal or network-attached hard disk drive storage system eliminating the need to store and catalog hundreds of tapes


The Darim FS1000 includes A/V switcher, ingestion, multi-layer title and logo insertion, multi-format scheduler, mixer and playout server. The server can either be controlled in the studio or from a remote site by network or GPI. The server can also be integrated with external audio and video switcher and mixer for additional I/O capabilities.


The FS1000 can continuously get live video and audio for storing on hard disk drives. The provided software enables real time select ion of desired A/V fragments through an NLE type interface. The playback of selected clips can be scheduled and performed without stopping/pausing of the input process.


Broadcasting over the Internet is becoming more prevalent by small studios. This new breed of broadcasters requires all the functionality of the big broadcasters but in a compact, economical package that also encodes and streams content over IP networks.


Automatic A/V encoding and streaming capabilities can be included in FS1000 system. The Windows Media 9, H.264 (AVC/AAC) format is available now. These capabilities position the Darim FS1000 server as the perfect tool for small studios to launch high quality Internet broadcasting.



  • Provides all functions of FD1000 servers and more
  • Plays out many types of A/V content (AVI, MPEG2), including separate video and audio
  • Fully automatic operation by schedule table
  • Emergency ma nual overrides are available
  • Supports remote update of schedule and titling data
  • Expansion capabilities for multiple output channels
  • Automatic generation of play out report for billing


  • Broadcast program re-scheduling
  • Insertion of local advertisement clips
  • Self-contained info displays/kiosks
  • Automatic stock quote tracking
  • SMS quiz & chat programs
  • Complete automation systems for small IPTV broadcasters
  • Program broadcasting over the Internet


Fully Automated Scheduling, Playout Server Model Line Up



  • Composite/S-Video/Component video, balanced/unbalanced audio input and outputs


  • SDI, ASI as well as Composite/S-Video/Component video inputs, analog or digital audio inputs
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